Как настроить сброс питания с датчиков на болид

Как настроить сброс питания с датчиков на болид

ссылки в списке связать с выбрать тип объекта, на который будет указывать гиперссылка, задать имя объекта и, нажав на кнопку подсказать-. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. As summer comes sweetly to a close we are gearing up for fall. Nothing says back to school quite like a cute lunch bag! These DIY lunch bags are a fun paper bag style. They are lined with upcycled plastic so that you can wipe them out if they get messy. We made the lining by merging plastic bags. Научно-внедренческое предприятие «Болид» основано в г. Область деятельности - производство и поставка оборудования для систем безопасности, автоматизации и диспетчеризации. Thorlabs' scientific cameras are offered with a choice of USB , Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), or Camera Link interface. GigE is ideal for situations where the camera must be far from the PC or there are multiple cameras that need to be controlled by the same PC. The GigE and Camera Link cameras are pr.

These monochrome cameras are ideal for fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry applications. We offer two versions of our fast frame rate camera. GigE is ideal for situations where the camera must be far from the PC or there are multiple cameras that need to be controlled by the same PC.

Since USB 3. A power supply and software are supplied with all cameras. For more information on the three interface options and recommended computer specifications, please see the Interface tab.

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  • We offer our fast frame rate cameras in our standard, non-cooled package. Since these cameras are designed for high frame rates and short exposures, cooling the sensor is not required.

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    For applications with low light levels and exposures longer than 1 second, we recommend our 1. Our cameras have triggering options that enable custom timing and system control; for more details, please see the Triggering tab.

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    External triggering requires a connection to the auxiliary port of the camera. Accessory cables and boards to "break out" the individual signals are available below.

    Industry-Standard USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, or Camera Link Interfaces

    The cameras feature standard C-Mount 1. The front face also has tapped holes for compatibility with our 60 mm Cage System. The photo gallery below contains images acquired with our 1.

    Как настроить сброс питания с датчиков на болид

    It may be necessary to use an alternative image viewer to view the bit files. We recommend ImageJ , which is a free download. The video to the right is an example of a multispectral image acquisition using a liquid crystal tunable filter LCTF in front of a monochrome camera.

    With a sample slide exposed to broadband light, the LCTF passes narrow bands of light that are transmitted from the sample.

    Fast Frame Rate CCD Scientific Cameras for Microscopy

    The monochromatic images are captured using a monochrome scientific camera, resulting in a datacube — a stack of spectrally separated two-dimensional images which can be used for quantitative analysis, such as finding ratios or thresholds and spectral unmixing. The overall system magnification is 10X. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel that will impede the flow of blood in the circulatory system. The videos below are from experimental studies on the large-vessel thrombosis in Mice performed by Dr.

    Brian Cooley at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    Как настроить сброс питания с датчиков на болид

    Three lasers nm, nm, and nm were expanded and then focused on a microsurgical field of an exposed surgical site in an anesthenized mouse. A custom 1.

    See the videos below with their associated descriptions for further infromation. The site arrowhead and the vessel are imaged by time-lapse fluorescence-capture, low-light camera over 60 minutes timer is shown in upper left corner — hours:minutes:seconds. Platelets were labeled with a green fluorophore rhodamine 6G and anti-fibrin antibodies with a red fluorophore Alexa and injected prior to electrolytic injury to identify the development of platelets and fibrin in the developing thrombus.

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    Flow is from left to right; the artery is approximately microns in diameter bar at lower right, microns.

    In the video above, a gentle second electrolytic injury is generated on the surface of a murine femoral vein, using a micron-diameter iron wire creating a free-radical injury. Flow is from left to right; the vein is approximately microns in diameter bar at lower right, microns.

    Reference: Cooley BC. In vivo fluorescence imaging of large-vessel thrombosis in mice.

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  • Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 31, , CL1 Ports. The CAB1 cable features male connectors on both ends: a pin connector for connecting to the camera and a 6-pin Mini-DIN connector for the break-out boards. Pins 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 are each connected to the center pin of an SMA connector on the break-out boards, while pin 4 ground is connected to each SMA connector housing. This intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface provides camera control as well as the ability to acquire and play back images.

    Single image capture and image sequences are supported. Three sample programs are offered:. Camera Control and Image Acquisition functions are carried out through the icons along the top of the window, highlighted in orange in the image above. Camera parameters may be set in the popup window that appears upon clicking on the Tools icon. The Snapshot button allows a single image to be acquired using the current camera settings. The Start and Stop capture buttons begin image capture according to the camera settings, including triggered imaging.

    The Timed Series control, shown in Figure 1, allows time-lapse images to be recorded. Simply set the total number of images and the time delay in between captures.

    The output will be saved in a multi-page TIFF file in order to preserve the high-precision, unaltered image data. Controls within ThorCam allow the user to play the sequence of images or step through them frame by frame. As shown in the yellow highlighted regions in the image above, ThorCam has a number of built-in annotation and measurement functions to help analyze images after they have been acquired.

    Lines, rectangles, circles, and freehand shapes can be drawn on the image. Text can be entered to annotate marked locations. A measurement mode allows the user to determine the distance between points of interest.

    The features in the red, green, and blue highlighted regions of the image above can be used to display information about both live and captured images. ThorCam also features a tally counter that allows the user to mark points of interest in the image and tally the number of points marked see Figure 2.

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  • A crosshair target that is locked to the center of the image can be enabled to provide a point of reference. A full-featured and well-documented API, included with our cameras, makes it convenient to develop fully customized applications in an efficient manner, while also providing the ability to migrate through our product line without having to rewrite an application.

    Please note that system performance limitations can lead to "dropped frames" when image sequences are saved to the disk. Note that the use of a USB hub may impact performance. A dedicated connection to the PC is preferred. USB 2.

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    First, it is important to distinguish between the frame rate of the camera and the ability of the host computer to keep up with the task of displaying images or streaming to the disk without dropping frames. The frame rate of the camera is a function of exposure and readout e.

    Based on the acquisition parameters chosen by the user, the camera timing emulates a digital counter that will generate a certain number of frames per second. When displaying images, this data is handled by the graphics system of the computer; when saving images and movies, this data is streamed to disk.

    If the hard drive is not fast enough, this will result in dropped frames. One solution to this problem is to ensure that a solid state drive SSD is used. This usually resolves the issue if the other specifications of the PC are sufficient.

    Note that the write speed of the SSD must be sufficient to handle the data throughput. Larger format images at higher frame rates sometimes require additional speed. While the latter option limits the storage space to the RAM on the PC, this is the fastest option available.

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    ImDisk is one example of a free RAM disk software package. It is important to note that RAM drives use volatile memory. Hence it is critical to ensure that the data is moved from the RAM drive to a physical hard drive before restarting or shutting down the computer to avoid data loss.

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    Once other camera decisions, such as field of view and frame rates, have been made, for many of our camera types it is necessary to choose one of these interfaces. It is important to confirm that the computer system meets or exceeds the recommended requirements listed to the right; otherwise, dropped frames may result, particularly when streaming camera images directly to storage media.

    USB 3. Support for multiple cameras is possible using multiple USB 3. GigE is ideal for situations requiring longer cable lengths, as well as for systems that require using multiple cameras with one computer. It also uses fairly inexpensive cables, but does require the use of a computer with a GigE card installed.

    Support for multiple cameras is easily achieved using a Gigabit Ethernet switch. However, the GigE card supplied with the camera is recognized as a public connection to the network; institutions with strict policies only allow registered devices and trusted connections. For any questions regarding using our GigE card at your institution, please contact your IT department. However, the maximum cable length is 10 m. Camera Link requires the use of the supplied Camera Link card and cables for connecting to a computer.

    The trigger modes operate independently of the readout e. Figures 1 through 3 show the timing diagrams for these trigger modes, assuming an active low external TTL trigger.

    Как настроить сброс питания с датчиков на болид

    External triggering enables these cameras to be easily integrated into systems that require the camera to be synchronized to external events. We offer the CAB1 auxiliary cable as an optional accessory. More details on these three optional accessories are provided below. Trigger settings are adjusted using the ThorCam software. Figure 4 shows the Camera Settings window, with the trigger settings highlighted with red and blue squares. Settings can be adjusted as follows:.

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    In addition, the polarity of the trigger can be set to "On High" exposure begins on the rising edge or "On Low" exposure begins on the falling edge in the "HW Trigger Polarity" box highlighted in red in Figure 4. The pins on the shield can be used to deliver signals to simultaneously control other peripheral devices, such as light sources, shutters, or motion control devices.

    Once the control program is written to the Arduino board, the USB connection to the host PC can be removed, allowing for a stand-alone system control platform; alternately, the USB connection can be left in place to allow for two-way communication between the Arduino and the PC. Configuring the external trigger mode is done using ThorCam as described above. Thorlabs Scientific Imaging TSI is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to solving the most challenging imaging problems.